What is "Mi Sofrito Puro?"

"Mi Sofrito Puro"™, A Division of Marín de La Isla Verde, LLC™, is a secret, time-saving blend of select vegetables and herbs. When combined with our special process, a culinary base is formed that creates a quality and flavor clearly which separates it from the rest.

"Mi Sofrito Puro"™ is a powerful condiment from which many delicious dishes draw their tantalizing flavor; Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Italy and Spain are renowned for its use.

"Mi Sofrito Puro"™ is made with only natural ingredients! It is not pre-cooked and comes to you stored in it's own natural juices. We have no need to add any sauces to enhance our taste, yet, other manufacturers attempt to make you think you're getting more for your money by adding sauce then thickening their product artificially, but the flavor suffers.

"Mi Sofrito Puro"™ is, what it is! -- Pure and Natural, an excellent condiment to add to ALL your recipes.

What are some uses for "Mi Sofrito Puro?"

"Mi Sofrito Puro"™ can be added to beans, rice dishes, steak, chicken, roast pork, soups, stews & even eggs, basically any meal you want to taste great, homemade and healthy. However, since
"Mi Sofrito Puro"™ has been introduced, we have noticed that Hispanics are not the only ones using our product. Many Anglos, Indians, Jamaicans, African Americans, Mexicans and even Asians have experienced the impact "Mi Sofrito Puro"™ has made in their traditional dishes.

Since our product is purely natural, you will soon be able to purchase it at Health Food Stores. If your local Health Food Store, Bodega or Supermarket does not stock our product, "Contact Us" immediately by sending us a "Store Alert" so we can get it there.

Is "Mi Sofrito Puro" better than all others?

Yes! As previously stated, "Mi Sofrito Puro"™ is the only sofrito that you will soon be able to purchase in Health Food Stores primarily because we refuse to endanger you with MSG (mono sodium glutamate) which is a cancer causing ingredient. MSG stimulates brain cell activity and tricks your brain to think the food you are eating tastes good. For more information concerning MSG click HERE, and HERE.

Vegetable Gum (also known as Guar Gum), which is a food thickening agent, is another additive other companies use in their product which you and your children should NOT consume. We refuse to trick your senses with MSG or thicken our product to entice you. Our products natural color, aroma, and taste will entice you!

At "Mi Sofrito Puro"™ we insist on using only quality ingredients. You'll never find unhealthy preservatives like the competition uses. We even suggest for you to cook with "La Flor Sazon", which has NO MSG, in our "Mi Sofrito Puro""Chef's Corner" page. We do this so we can direct you to purchase healthy seasonings for a healthy diet.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Branding Company, Marin de La Isla Verde, LLC, is in the process of creating their own Sazon dry seasoning blend which will be available for purchased at your local bodega or supermarket in the very near future.

"Mi Sofrito Puro"™ is so rich, the amount you need to use when preparing a dish is much smaller than what you have used in the past. This means that "Mi Sofrito Puro"™ will last you a lot longer, thus saving you a lot more money! "A little "Mi Sofrito Puro"™ goes a long way!"

Though we feel it is important for us to share this information with you, once you taste our unique and healthy blend, you will not only know that "Mi Sofrito Puro"™ speaks for itself but that it is the only smart & healthy choice! To listen to some of our testimonials, click HERE.

Want more information on the dangers of MSG and Salt? Click HERE

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Melinda - Bronx, NY & Florida

Melinda is yet another one of our many satisfied customers. She had first purchased Mi Sofrito Puro™ in 2010 and has used it in many of her traditional Puerto Rican dishes. She stated that when she added Mi Sofrito to a pasta dish of fresh shrimps, clams & muscles, “it gave it a fabulous taste!”

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