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First, I want to thank all our loyal customers who have written on this "Endorsement" page and have been supporting us since 2009. Please take a moment and tell us what you think of our product and our newly designed website.

Thank you once again and May God richly bless you!

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By: Just a Fan | Date: Jul 15, 2009 |
I've now been using Mi Sofrito for about three weeks and I love how it's made me seem like a better cook. My kids are now running home for dinner. Don't get me wrong, I am a good cook, at least I thought I was, but Mi Sofrito just puts a kick into everything I now cook. I LOVE MI SOFRITO!!!! Thank you!
By: Bobb Kendall | Date: Jun 29, 2009 |
I have never cooked with any sofrito before, but made my wife and I Omelets this morning, adding some "Mi Sofrito" to the egg base. I was cautious of the amount I used, and it did add a wonderful flavor with the well blend of flavors, but I could have used a bit more. Next time, my omelets will not be a level better like this time, but 10 times better. Too bad I can't eat another omelet right now. I am full.
By: Sharief from da boogie down bronx! | Date: Jun 19, 2009 |
Wassup Mi Sofrito! Yo, your mix is kickin and off da hook!!!! Made some ribs at the crib for my Lady and she was like... "I didn't know you can cook like this!" Yo, I GIVE YOU MAD PROPS!
By: Maribel Rivera | Date: Jun 19, 2009 |
Hace varios dias que cierta persona me dieron Mi Sofrito para cocinar y crei que no hiba a ser bueno, pero me equiboque. Este es el mejor sofrito que he probado. Es aun mejor que el mio. Gracias Mi Sofrito.
Several days ago a certain person gave me Mi Sofrito to cook with and I thought it wasn't going to taste good, but I was wrong. This is the best sofrito I have ever tasted. It's even better than mine. Thank you Mi Sofrito.
By: The Melendez Family | Date: Jun 19, 2009 |
I tried this product recently and it is good. For years I only trusted the sofrito I made myself. I can now purchase "Mi Sofritio" knowing it's just as good as if I made it myself.

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Total Entries: 99
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