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By: Kim Pena | Date: Jan 20, 2010 |
Bueno tengo q desir q este es uno de los mejores sofritos q me e comido, y tengo q decirles q soy dominicana q los q conosen mi tierra saben q alla se come bueno. este sofrito sabe bueno y saludable no como otros sofritos. yo kim se lo recomiendo 100%
TRANSLATION: Well, I have to tell you that this is one of the best sofrito's that I have eaten and I also have to tell you that I am Dominican and for those who know my island, DR, they know that over there they eat well! This sofrito tastes so good and it's healthy, not like the other sofritos. I, Kim, recomend it 100%
By: Anita Laschman | Date: Jan 20, 2010 |
"Mi Sofrito" is so good. I'm from Guyana our sofrito is totally different but when I tasted this sofrito, in some rice, I went crazy! It's really delicious! i would love to learn how to make it that good!
By: Alex Negron | Date: Jan 19, 2010 |
Este "Mi Sofrito" es delicioso, cuando lo aprove me lambi los dedos, de verdad que si. Yo e tratado muchos sofrito pero como este ninguno le da el gustico perfecto a mis platillos favoritos. No lo ban a creer pero escribiendo este comentario me esta dando deceo de comer!
This "Mi Sofrito" is so delicious that when I tasted it in my food I ended up licking my fingers clean. Really! I have tried a lot different sofrito, but like this, there is no other. It makes my favorite meal dishes taste great. You're not going to believe this, but, I'm getting hungry just writing this comment.
By: Joann Alequinn | Date: Dec 26, 2009 |
I introduced this product to many of my colleagues at work and they LOVE it and are cooking up their own recipes! Thank you Mi Sofrito!
By: Marilyn Crockett | Date: Nov 5, 2009 |
I made the meatloaf recipe with the sofrito. Wow!! I usually make my meatloaf with three types of cheese and the regular tomatoe sauce etc...but this recipe was as they use to say "the bomb!"

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Total Entries: 99
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