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Hello Everyone!
First, I want to thank all our loyal customers who have written on this "Endorsement" page and have been supporting us since 2009. Please take a moment and tell us what you think of our product and our newly designed website.

Thank you once again and May God richly bless you!

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By: Nina Cochran | Date: Oct 11, 2011 |
Thanks to Mi Sofrito Puro, that gave needed flavor to my turkey meat balls in pasta sauce dinner. Excellent!!
By: Idalee Best | Date: Sep 25, 2011 |
My mom used to make good sofrito which of course she'd share with me. After she passed away I continued the tradition but being a busy working person I've stopped making it. Your product is just like homemade. I guess that's because it is homemade! Finally my cooking is once again just like mom used to make. Thanks Mi Sofrito.
By: Joselyn Perez | Date: Sep 24, 2011 |
Hi, Mr. Sofrito Puro, I just wanted to let you know that I finally tried your Sofrito on my beans & you definitely knew what you were talking about when it comes to a "Good Sofrito!! My beans came out Slammin!!! This definitely is a pure Sofrito from a true Puerto Rican! :) God bless you! From now on you have a faithful and permanent customer! :)
By: Eileen DeProspo | Date: Aug 3, 2011 |
I tried your sofrito on Monday 8/1/11 for the first time. My husband said to me, Wow Mama this yellow rice is delicious! With a big family like mine food is the main ingredient in everything we do. As a working mom I'm always looking for ways to minimize the task of cooking. Your sofrito will make sure I cook Sunday dinners every day of the week! My coworker is next in line to try your product!! Thank you Mi Sofrito Puro!
By: Maria Q. - Bronx | Date: Jul 21, 2011 |
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Your sofrito is the best I have ever had! I used to get it from my mother when she made, which wasn't all the time, but now I can get it anytime from you. I gave my mom some and she even said that it's better than her own. WOW! That's incredible that she said that! She's old school and for her to say that says a lot about your product! ------------------ Thanks Again!

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Total Entries: 99
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