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Hello Everyone!
First, I want to thank all our loyal customers who have written on this "Endorsement" page and have been supporting us since 2009. Please take a moment and tell us what you think of our product and our newly designed website.

Thank you once again and May God richly bless you!

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Total Entries: 99
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By: Nicole Marin | Date: Jul 14, 2014 |
Now I have to say I am soooo lucky to have the maker of "Mi Sofrito" as my very own DAD :) He has always cooked really tasty "finger licking good!" I always wanted to cook like him when I had my own family & now that "the secret is out" lol...everyone can now cook like him. I am so proud to see all the feedback you're getting dad. You have an awesome product here. Healthy, tastes good, smells're giving Goya a run for their money! Five Stars, Bravo! You rock!
By: Jean Carlo Tavrez | Date: Oct 1, 2013 |
When The Father gives a creative idea and we obey it and take it to action there's no limit to what can happen and the many ways that idea can affect others for good! I believe "MI SOFRITO PURO" is an idea from heaven to bless people and families with KINGDOM HEALTH, AND DIVINE HEALTH, all around the world with DELICIOUS seasonings and products for this generation and the ones to come! Much love and blessings! ;-)
By: Mi Sofrito Puro Founder - Paul | Date: Sep 6, 2012 |
Thank you *James Abraham and *for all those who have written kind words! Our product, God willing, will be on supermarket shelves very soon. We will keep everyone in the loop as to when this will happen. Thank you for being loyal customers.
By: James Abraham | Date: Sep 6, 2012 |
This product is absolutely amazing! Mi Sofrito is a sleeping giant, just waiting to wake up the taste buds of America. I can't believe that the markets don't already have it on their shelves. It is truly a wonderful product. God bless.
By: Nancy T. from the Bronx | Date: Jul 1, 2012 |
First, I have to tell you that your sofrito is the best! I decided to write because with July 4th, just around the corner, I need to prepare all the food for the family get-together at our home and making the sofrito for the food is not an easy task, that is of course you want it to taste good. What is so great is that I don't ever have to worry about making it again. Mi Sofrito Puro is perfect all the time. Now I can spend my time cooking. By using your product I am SURE my food will come out tasting unbelievably! By the way, I tried some of the sofrito recipes that are on the internet that say it's easy to make, but they really don't know what they are talking about and forget about the ones that the supermarkets are selling right now! Thank you for such a wonderful product! I can't wait for it to be in the supermarket I buy at now.

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Total Entries: 99
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