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Hello Everyone!
First, I want to thank all our loyal customers who have written on this "Endorsement" page and have been supporting us since 2009. Please take a moment and tell us what you think of our product and our newly designed website.

Thank you once again and May God richly bless you!

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Total Entries: 99
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By: Jasmine | Date: Sep 19, 2017 |
Excellent Sofrito! Thanks for the best Sofrito on the Earth. Keep it up!
By: Miriam C. | Date: May 21, 2017 |
Hi Mr. Mi Sofrito Puro :

I tried leaving you a comment a couple of days ago but something was wrong with your website. Thank goodness it's working now (hopefully).

Anyway, I just need to thank you so much for your sofrito. Without it, none of my food would taste good. Believe me when I say that Mi Sofrito Puro is the BEST sofrito in the world. I have tried every single sofrito in the supermarkets, frozen and not frozen, and they are all literally garbage. Thank God you did something about it. I use to make my own but it's so hard to make. Thanks again.
By: Mi Sofrito Puro Founder - Paul | Date: Apr 19, 2017 |
@Marlene Cintron. Your endorsement of our product is so appreciated. Because you are a connoisseur when it comes to authentic Boriqua cooking, and your knowledge of authentic Puerto Rican Sofrito, I truly value your opinion.

Thank you!
By: Mi Sofrito Puro Founder - Paul | Date: Apr 19, 2017 |
@Alex C. I was happy to make your day a successful one. You are correct, all the other sofrito in the supermarkets are garbage and you're not the first one to say that. Basically, all my customers tell me the same thing. Thank you for being such a loyal customer.
By: Marlene Cintron | Date: Apr 19, 2017 |
As a Puerto Rican, our holiday memories are triggered by our sense of smell more than anything else. Walking into an apartment where sofrito is being cooked to be applied to the habichuelas rojas or as the base for an amazing arroz can gandules will send you back to memories of your childhood watching abuela cook her magic. This is where Mi Sofrito Puro took me. From the first whiff of the dark green concoction in its plastic receptacle, to the deeper smells when I added fresh garlic, jamoncito, alcaparrados and some love, it was a grand slam with the next generation, my kids.

Thank you for doing the right thing for us and the community.

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Total Entries: 99
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